I put out a load of mini cakes that were left over from the party last night and they went in a few moments.

This afternoon we will have groups C & D having their first PDD with Daria and Vadim and groups A & B with Vaclav Kunes for contemporary. After the classes today I shall be interviewing Nadja Saidakova for the dancers and they can ask her questions and see some video of her dancing. Daria is taking Vadim and Jan-Erik and Keith up to the castle tonight to see a friend of ours house within the castle. Our friend is the grandson of Aplhonse Mucha the famous Czech artist who created all the poster prints for Sarah Bernhardt in Paris at the turn of the last century. The grandson is retired now and about to hand over the reins to his son to carry on the Mucha Foundation for the Arts. Lovely family and a good friend. The house is quite extraordinary, a bit like a museum full of priceless Rodin’s, Gaugins and Mucha originals, as they were all friends in Paris together, as well as his own collection of stuff.

My daughter is here now looking after grandmas leg warmer sales whilst I work. And of course tonight Christopher Hampson (Artistic Director of Scottish Ballet)  arrives on the 19.30 from the UK to join us for the rest of the week. Always great to have Christopher with us, a very old friend and great fun.

Just had lunch with my daughter here:

image1 image2

About one minute from the office.