Welcome everyone to the Masterclass Blog 2016.

Yesterday at the airport all day was in the end successful, but the last one came through at 1am due to the many many delays and cancellations for some reason. I am only missing a girl who is not staying at the hotel who was supposed to find me at the airport but didn’t. I think she went straight to her hotel with family, I will find out later. She did not respond to any of my calls.

It was quite stormy yesterday but has settled down again today. I have just put the finishing touches to the studios and will now go and collect the 80 who are staying at the hotel. For those of you not familiar with Prague these pictures are the walk from the studios to the hotel 

Beautiful walk. Back in studios now with a thousand questions to answer and changing room chips to hand out.

Nadja Saidakova, Senior Principal from Berlin Staatsoper Ballet, missed a connection to Berlin from Itlay last night (with baby in tow) so will not make it for the first class this morning, but not to worry the ballet master of the National Theatre here will cover her class and Daria will cover her solo until she arrives at 13.30.

The other two classes are with Jan Erik Wikstrom (former Senior principal with Royal Swedish Ballet, and Keith Mackintosh the co Director and ballet master in Cape Town.