Good morning all. Todays highs of 28°c. Yesterday was another day at the airport from 09.00 to 22.00. All arrived safely and no bags lost this weekend, only a couple of delays and no major problems. Jonathan Still meets them all at the hotel once I send them to him, just to make sure they get checked in ok. Judging by facebook the dancers had a great day off exploring Prague and it was lovely and warm all day for them too. Anna Osadcenk (prima ballerina from Stuttgart), Yoel Carreno (Cuban star based in Norway now) and Loipaq Araujo (one of the four Jewels of Cuban dance), and Tamas Solymosi (Artistic Director of Hungarian National Ballet) all arrived and had a good gossip catch up together over dinner. Tamas has driven over from Budapest with his partner Victoria and their twin 18 month olds and he told me they were held up for an hour behind an accident in Slovakia. You can just imagine that car with the twins in the heat stuck in a queue. Brave man. Once here of course he is always the epitome of charm and such delightful uplifting company, nothing is ever a problem for Tamas and he has been a very good friend for the past 30 years.

I drove Vadim Muntagirov to the airport from our house in the morning yesterday, he has a few days off now (he was talking about visiting Wales, Snowdonia in particular), before he heads off guesting again.

I shall head off to the hotel to meet all the new arrivals at 08.30 and then walk them back here. I need to explain how we work although I am sure the other dancers told them last night anyway. I saw a lot of them around the hotel waiting for friends etc, happy bunch.

On Saturday at the end of PDD, Jan Erik, who was watching, offered to do the Cinderella PDD they had been learning with Vadim and Daria with one of the dancers. This is the call at the end. I think Claire was in heaven. Jan Erik, who was one of the great partners of his generation, said he really enjoyed it. If I can find someone who filmed it I shall post it for you.