Good morning all. Sunny day with highs of 29c. Cleaners finishing up for the day now. Package arrived from UK for one dancer. This posts’ background picture is the view you get if you walk 50m directly to the river from the studios at night.

Here are some office related pics. Daria’s mothers leg warmers for sale in the office (English National and Royal Ballet dancers all wear these and you can only get them via Daria or here) and they are very popular. Also Daria’s book (also available on Amazon) and some T shirts etc for sale in the office. The dancers notice boards, one for general class notices and the other for directions to certain shops like Tesco and Grishko or the local open air swimming pool. There is also the view from my office to the private courtyard below where I can park.

And here are some pics from Daria

Very interesting interview with Jan-Erik last night. When he retired two years ago he studied to become a baker (of cakes not bread), but he obviously misses the ballet life so much. He is such a great coach I hope he finds his way back, the ballet world would be poorer without his input. Stopping dancing always seems so far away when you start, then the huge highs and terrible lows, especially if injured, you experience, and then suddenly it is over. It is a hard life, but you won’t find one of them that would change it for anything in the world.

Jan Erik was made a Royal Court dancer many years ago which is the highest honour you can get in Sweden, the eqivalent of the Legion of Honour in France.

IMG_8806 IMG_8807

The first pic here is a Japanese photo shoot early morning. They fly the couples over from Japan for the wedding pics and then fly them back to get married. I guess cheaper than flying the whole wedding party over. The second picture is some street art hanging outside near the hotel where the dancers are staying.