Good morning. A sunny day here in Prague, expecting highs of about 23°. Very quiet here this morning. Last night we interviewed Christopher Hampson, always interesting for the dancers to be able to ask a Director what they look for and what is the best process to get a job etc. Afterwards all the teachers went for dinner at Stoleti restaurant, except Nadja and her partner. Her baby was unwell and had also given Nadja a black eye by accident by grabbing at her when she wasn’t expecting it, as all parents know that sort of thing happens often. She looked as if her mascara had run all through the solo class yesterday so of course we were teasing her about fighting with her partner. She is a lovely lady and will be back with us many times we hope over the years to come. So elegant and holds herself with such grace and strength, a real inspiration for the dancers just to be in the same studio with her.

Let me know if any of you are reading any of these posts please, I have had two or three letters but was wondering if many more read the daily updates or am I talking to just a few.