Studio 1 will be Jan Erik Wikstrom with the boys and Jonathan Still on piano and in Studio 2 Nadja Saidakova will be working the girls with Bayadere I think and Sergei Poluektov on piano.

Interviewed Nadja last night and we had fun with the dancers. They actually asked a lot of questions for a change (normally everyone is too shy to say a word). Nadja also posed for lots of photos with the dancers afterwards as well. She is not only the senior principal dancer at Berlin Staatsoper but is also now Nacho Duatos’ (the Director in Berlin) assistant and ballet mistress. Busy lady. The background picture on this post is the State Opera House here in Prague. There are five theatres here in Prague that the company of 90 odd dancers use, so they are busy all the time.

I’m off for a quick lunch with Christopher and my daughter.