Tamas has just finished class and is heading off for a massage. Loipa will be heading up to meet me and choose some video of her dancing from the 1970’s which we will show to the dancers during her interview in Thursday (tonight the interview is with Anna Osadcenko). Anna is heading straight to Studio 2 for solo work with the girls, Yoel has just finished taking Loipa’s class in Studio 2 and is heading for studio 1 to take the boys solo and Daria is running around now taking photos everywhere.

Sorry for the delay. One girl is sick at the hotel, tummy bug and vomiting, so I have just visited her at the hotel and collected her washing from the launderette around the corner for her and bought her some re-hydration powders. She also fainted and bashed her chin on a table in the apartment she is in, but all ok, just a little mark, nothing serious fortunately. Two Slovakian boys were very sweet and offered to get her anything she needed, they are on the same floor as her apartment. The hotel also offered to get her anything she needed, but she just needs rest and salts.

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