Good morning. A cool but sunny morning here in Prague. Should be about 22 later. The party went off ok last night. The girl from the USA who was ill yesterday slept through until 15.00 and then woke up feeling fine. Travelling 24hrs straight (she had a stop-over in Amsterdam and went sightseeing to stay awake) (but didn’t want to drink as she didn’t want to have to find a toilet????) is then not a good idea to try to do the hardest physical art at the highest level for a few hours. I am glad she is all good again now. The hotel offered to get her any medicines etc but she was ok without, just a good sleep needed. Another girl from Argentina paid me in cash dollars yesterday, when she paid the deposit in February her bank in Argentina charged her 40% again to do the transfer, so it cost her 280 pounds to send me 200, outrageous!!!!!

The pics are the calm before the storm. 

And this picture I call Decisions Decisions (choosing Daria’s mothers leg warmers)¬†100_2765