Good morning. Today will be a lot cooler, about 18°c and it should rain about midday, although it is quite sunny at present. I feel sorry for the very large film crew setting up outside the Conservertoire just up the road, appears to be a second world war setting judging by the cars and advertising dotted around. If it does rain at 12.00 (80% chance) they will get soaked. I’ve been there and done that, no fun.

The builder turned up last night and went through a load of stuff with Daria. She seemed happy with his ideas (I have no idea what he said) so as long as the quote is within budget!!!!!!!! And Sabina ventured into the pool last night after our darts match, one game each, looked far too cold for me.

Just collected all the signs from around the studios, everyone knows their way around now. Martin Rypan, the administrator of the National Theatre Ballet company here in Prague, is coming in this morning just to say hello, he is back from holidays now. Such a nice man and a good friend. We will be working out the dates for next summers’ course, we have to look at when the company here is having their holidays next year so that we can fit in around them. One of our teachers from last summer (Filip Barankiewicz) is taking over as the artistic director here at the end of our course next summer, very exciting for him, he is making changes already. We wish him the best of luck and hopefully he will be back to coach with us soon. He is inheriting a magnificent facility and heritage.