Yesterday went very smoothly with no one missing who was not expected to be, and only minor delays, all safe and sound into the hotel.

This morning is a hot one about 31c. I arrived at 6.30 and set out the barres and opened up the office. My daughter Sabina came in at 8 to take over the office and hand out changing room keys to everyone arriving. I then set off to the hotel to meet all the dancers staying there and walk them back to the studios. This is the walk in photos 

 After they had settled in and got changed Daria and myself talk to them to explain how we work and then it was off to their various studios for general class.

Studio 1 was with Daria Klimentov√°, studio 2 with Vladimir Shishov and studio 3 with Cyril Pierre. I then dashed off to the airport to pick up 3 more dancers before heading back in time for the end of class. Solo work today is with Evgenia Obratsova from the Bolshoi for the girls and Vladimir Shishov from Vienna Staatsoper Ballet for the boys.

Pictures of Daria with Jonathan and with Vladimir