Still very warm here today and they reckon on 37c tomorrow. Have asked for the studios to be made cooler (but head office shuts down at 3pm). The new catering company turned up on time as did the waitresses and they set about laying out the party. At 6pm they started piling into studio 4 for drinks and snacks and by 7pm I think everyone was there. 

They seemed to enjoy themselves chatting away and relaxing after a hard day of work in warm weather. They will definitely sleep well tonight. 

I didn’t realise but Vladimir Shishov tells me he arrived by motorbike from Austria. Brave man. Glenn and I caught up on mutual aquaintances and Daria sat in the office selling her mothers leg warmers. A good night all round. Now Daria is catching up with the all the gossip from the waitresses who were many years ago her school friends at ballet school, and now all mums and leading normal lives. See you all tomorrow if anyone is reading this.