This morning the kitchen man arrived. We are having a kitchen put in at the house after 15 years, but the man making it only does it as a hobby and only works for us at some weekends. He works somewhere else normally. Consequently it has so far taken four months and counting. But at least it is now mostly piled up in the kitchen area. The cat of course is now hiding from them all day and sits on the window sill at the back of the house out of the way.

Daria left at 11 to go to the studios for an interview for some magazine and I headed up to the airport for my only arrival of the day (one girl with her whole family) from USA via Berlin. The only flight on the whole board that was delayed of course. Still only by 30 minutes. My friendly Taxi organiser put them in a mini bus to their apartment. I then collected Jonathan Still our amazing pianist and we head off to the studios for last minute checks.

Back home now and about to head to Grandma’s for some fruit dumplings apparently. Tommoow I will only post very late as I will be at the airport from 7am to 12 midnight meeting all the dancers.