Just had a quick bite with Christopher Hampson and discussed the dates for next summer, he will now try to work around the Scottish Ballet schedule to fit in his time with us here in Prague. He hates not being able to be with us, which is luckily very rare.

This afternoon we have Christopher coaching one half of the dancers in Rep and the other half will be in PDD with the wonderful Tamas Solymosi (Artistic Director of Hungarian National Ballet) and Daria Klimentov√°. Background picture is of Daria being held up by Vassiliev.

Classes now underway. Tamas and Daria are instantly enjoying themselves with the PDD, it’s great to see two old friends have such fun whilst coaching the dancers, it rubs off on them in such a positive way, just ask them yourselves after they have had PDD with Daria and Tamas. Monique Loudieres is in with them in PDD as well, a little crazy of course, but the totally immersed artiste, she was just watching but cannot resist joining in and helping to coach. She could easily be by the Bridge sipping a gin and tonic but she is so much happier surrounded by dancers and coaching from the heart. Lovely. 

This is a photo of one of the teacher apartments within the studio complex. 


And this is what happens when I said to wait by the car. 

And this is the ex-policeman who works security with the maintenance man.