Had a call from John Mucha telling me he is in town and we will meet for lunch tomorrow, he is a retired banker who is the Grandson of Alphonse mucha the famous Czech artist who drew the posters of Sarah Bernhardt in the early 1900’s. He lives in a house in the castle grounds and it is very pretty as you can imagine. He and his wife Sarah are lots of fun and we meet up in various places around the world when we can. One of the dancers grandmothers has broken her foot falling over and I have arranged for her to come in tomorrow to see our medical man for advice and treatment. These are Daria’s mothers leg warmers for sale to the dancers, they are very popular and it is great to supplement her pension as she is 72 now and still making them:

This afternoon we have pas de deux with Daria and Cyril in Studio 2 and contemporary with Glenn Graham in Studio 1. Glenn is teaching them some of Matthew Bournes’ famous Swan Lake while Daria and Cyril are setting the PDD from La Bayedere. First time for each group as they swap each day between PDD and contemporary. After it’s all over today we have an interview for the dancers with Cyril Pierre. Cyril was a principal dancer with Roland Petit Company, San Francisco Ballet, Bayerreuches Ballet Munich and studied at Paris Opera school. We will show some of his dancing on DVD tonight as well.