John Mucha is in again today, he will be taking Daria and Vadim for lunch, he wants them on the board of the Mucha Foundation to make decisions as to what to do with the support the Foundation gives to the Arts in general. After lunch Daria and Tamas will be giving PDD in Studio 2 and Christopher Hampson will be giving his final Rep class in Studio 1.

Have just grabbed a quick sandwich with Cookie and Amber. Tonight I will be interviewing Aaron Watkin (Director of Dresden Semperoper Ballet) for the dancers and then shooting off to the airport to pick up a late arrival from ENBS who has been in a gala organised by Natasha Makarova in Dallas. Sadly her bag has not made it with her though but at least she knows that so we will get her to Grishko in the morning to get some ballet essentials.

So here are the last of todays’ pics and videos of the afternoon here in Prague for you. See you tomorrow.