Tonight is our final teacher dinner of the year at Stoleti’s. I shall interview Tamas Solymosi for the dancers and show film of his dancing career and afterwards we all meet and head off around the corner. I am assured that the rain will stop and the sun will shine again by then. This afternoon Natasa Novotna is with group C & D for the final time for Bella Figura by Kylian in studio 1 and groups A & B will have their final PDD class with Daria and Tamas in studio 2 with Jonathan on piano. Gaynor Minden shoes have sent someone over from Amsterdam to let the girls try their shoes and she is set up in the green room surrounded by dancers.

Have been in meeting with the National Theatre this afternoon trying to confirm dates for next summer. We will be here in 2018 from the 30th July to the 11th August. There may be some repair work to Studio 1 going on and if there is then for one of the morning general classes we shall use the Conservatoire around the corner. This will be easy for the dancers as the ones in there each morning can pass by that way from the hotel. I will add some more pics from this afternoon from ASH tomorrow for you. See you in the morning.