Class today will be with Vadim Muntagirov for class X in studio 2 with Sergei on piano. Class Y will be with Rodolfo Castellanos in Studio 3 and Dagmar Hoffova on piano, and in Studio 1 will be Aaron Watkin with Jonathan on piano for class Z.  

Have been very busy again this morning, trying to contact the hotel to meet up and try to get a decent price for next summer so we can keep the prices as low as possible, as a non-profit course it is always a huge juggling act to to make ends meet without losing too much money, and the funny thing is the more popular we are the more difficult it has become over the years, even though we are full by the end of April it doesn’t stop the costs rising even after everything has been set.

I have a single white sock (male) and a pair of knickers that a girl has washed and dried and they are not hers, so i have been looking for the owners, that made them laugh this morning, and one of the girls texted in sick today so I told her to let me know if she needs anything but she just wants to stay in bed today. 

Here are some pics of warm up pre-class and class.