Class today is another treat for the dancers. In studio 1 we have Jiri Horak (former senior principal here in the Czech National Ballet and ex dance partner of Daria’s) who will have Dagmar Hoffova on piano for group X, in studio 2 will be Monique Loudieres  Etoile from Paris Opera with Jonathan Still on piano for group Y, and group Z has Tamas Solymosi, Artistic Director of Hungarian National Ballet based at the Opera House in Budapest, with Sergei Poluektov on piano.

Just had a girl come in the office and ask if I had a pair of tights she can use. I told her that mine would be far too big for her so she will go to Grishko in the break.

Just been for a quick tea with Cookie and Amber, they had a big brunch of toasted sandwiches and cake as they will not be able to get out of the studios until 7pm now. The dancers have booked them up solidly all day everyday, word got out how good they were, which we of course know anyway.

Here are some class pics.