Good morning. Raining as I left the house but stopped by the time I got to the studios. 17c with highs of 20c today, so a lot cooler. Set out the barres and loaded in the new photos by ASH from yesterday which you can see at the gallery link also added more to the Daria and Tamas PDD page there. Had a quick meeting with our friend who will be sharing the driving with me on Sunday last night to give him the schedule and had a lovely interview with Monique Loudieres. One of the boys asked her a difficult question at the end. He asked what it was like with Rudolph Nureyev when he created the last piece before he died La Bayedere for Paris Opera (Monique was second cast with Manuel Legris). She said that he would lay down on the sofa in the studio and direct from that position, there were many doctors around him all the time in the studio as well and all the dancers were giving everything every day to help him create. She said that throughout his time with Paris Opera as a creator or Director he could be a very difficult man to work with but also a wonderful warm and funny man and created out of that conflict, there were many fights and many reconciliations and she would not change anything as it was the most amazing creative time. It was very emotional for her (and me) talking about it even now.