A lot cooler this morning outside 13c today at 6.15, but still very warm inside. Highs of 24c expected and sunny. Cookie and Amber our dancing photographers arrive today now that Romeo and Juliet has finished at the Royal Festival Hall in London, and they are setting up a studio in Studio 4. The give free studio sessions to dancers and coach them into positions for auditions shots etc. The dancers can them buy them from their website if they want them but no obligation at all. 

Have now put out the barres and checked the studios, put up the notice asking them all to give me their departure times for Sunday, which I will have to chase up every day this week of course. 

At 08.10 I shall walk over to the hotel to collect all new arrivals who do not know the way. Very few I should imagine, as most of them have friends here who did the first week as well or have been to us before.