16c with highs of 20c but no rain today. The sun came out on cue at 18.00 last night as we headed off to our teacher dinner after the interview with Tamas. I of course was in early again this morning. No cleaners so I was filling bin bags full of rubbish from the studios and changing rooms and toilets so that your little darlings can continue to believe that they can drop anything anywhere anytime and the cleaner fairies will magic it all away for them somehow. Then I carried all the tables down from the roof in readiness for the party tonight. I printed out all the signs to remind them to give me back the changing room chips before they leave and also not to leave their newly bought dancewear paraphernalia around tonight as I won’t be here after today to send it onto to them so it will be lost. Once solo is under way I shall taxi to the airport to collect the mini bus ready for tomorrow’s ferrying (1st pick up 03.45) and then head back to be ready to receive the party food and drink being delivered. 

Everyone getting their pic with Monique last night, including the rep from Gaynor Minden who spent yesterday fitting shoes for the girls.