I have a Korean man coming in to see me today, he is from some sort of arts thing in Korea that I don’t really understand and he wants to see if his site will recommend us to their dancers. I told him that we already have a few Korean dancers each year and that we sell out without really advertising but just on reputation. Still I said he could come in a have a look if he wants so I will escort him round the studios once class is on.

Solo today is with Vadim Muntagirov (star of Royal Ballet) in Studio 1 with Sergei on piano for the boys and for the girls in Studio 2 with Moniques Loudieres (Etoile Paris Opera) and Jonathan on piano. 

Jonathan’s partner arrived late last night so he got the tube to the airport. This involves getting off at a certain station then transferring to a bus 119 and the rest of the way by bus. He got on the wrong bus and ended up in the middle of nowhere waiting for a return bus to start again. He made it with 3 minutes to spare.

Background of Grandma’s legwarmers modeled by the buyers. Here are some pics of solo today including the girls waiting their turn and a little video of the girls with Monique followed by a short one of Vadim with the boys at end of solo work.