Saturday night I think I will just check the email before I go to sleep and there is one from a boy, who I thought was arriving Sunday evening like everyone else, saying he was at the airport, where was I. So I got him to get in a taxi and head to our house, that cost me a £50. We put him up for the night and then Daria put him in a taxi mid morning to the hotel where his booking started.

Sunday went fairly smoothly, everyone arrived, albeit some 2.5 hours worth of delays but fortunately no late flights were delayed. Tamas Solymosi rang to say he had arrived at the studios with his family, Monique Loudieres, Vadim Muntagirov and Rodolfo Castellanos were all on time at the airport. Only one embarrassing moment when a dancer from Italy had to wake me up to tell me she had arrived ok. I just sat down for a moment, luckily with my hat on and in the right place, and I was off, next thing I know I am being asked if I am Ian.