Good morning. Cooler today at 22c this morning, expected to get to 29c and stormy by mid-morning. Still sunny at moment though.

Last nights interview with Evgenia by Daria went well with Daria asking some questions only she could get away with asking, it sounds like they had a fun time. Christopher Hampson arrived ok and we went for a light bite to eat at a very good Afghani restaurant not far away from the studios. I gor home about 23.00 and of course had to tidy and wash up after the house had been left to teenagers all day. And before I left this morning the cat threw up for me. Apart from that everything here is lovely. No one arrested like one year (a boy threw a bottle of water at another boy while mucking about in their room on the top floor and it missed and went straight out of the window and down five levels onto the windscreen of a taxi, police were called of course and I had to pay a hefty fine to the taxi man via the police to get the boy’s passport back, which his grandmother eventually paid me back, this was about 6 years ago now) and no one having to be put on a drip in hospital due to de-hydration (one year a girl fell asleep in the 38c sun at the open air pool on their Sunday off then went out and still didn’t drink anything that evening and at midnight I get a call to say an ambulance had taken her away from the hotel and I had to dash in to the hospital to look after her), so all in all an excellent show so far. Here are some pics from Daria;