15c at 7am highs of 28c today. Sunny and cool on the way in. Our friends Cookie and Amber arrived last night, two photographers who are ASH photography. They have hired some lighting equipment that arrived before they did and are going to set up in Studio 4 and give free photo sessions for the dancers in half hour slots. Amber (also a dancer with ENB) will coach them into positions and Cookie (lighting man for Carlos Acosta) will do the technical stuff. Pictures will be available to buy from their website later if they want. This is a great service they are offering (and it’s free), as they know how hard it is for dancers to get decent audition photos that don’t cost the earth so this is lovely of them, and they get to spend time with us and a nice holiday in Prague. 

Also on Friday and Saturday between 12 and 3 in Studio 3 Gaynor Minden are coming in and doing fittings of their shoes so that the girls can try them out. Very nice. There was no interview last night so we managed to grab a takeaway and head home and discovered that the cat was shut in one of the bedrooms. She dashed out straight to the loo as soon as the door was opened then sat on the window sill glaring at us. Picked up some more of Daria’s books to take in as they seem popular this year, and of course she can sign them for people.

I have set out the barres, made a cup of tea, put up new signs and am waiting for Christopher to re-appear after his 12k run up the hill.