Daria is being filmed again for about the 8th documentary (she has been made the equivalent of dame over here) so her whole class is being filmed and she joked with the dancers that they had better point their feet today or it will look bad on TV. One boy didn’t make the meeting at 09.30 for Daria to walk them up to the theatre for her class so I had to dash him along there and up to the sixth floor in the lift to the studio and we made it with 10 seconds to go. At least he didn’t need a warm up after the dash in the hot sun to get there. I will post some class pics on this post later.

Tomorrow Rodolfo Castellanos arrives to give class for the last 3 days this week, so I have to meet him at the airport at 20.50 tomorrow night. Also tomorrow night Grishko are putting on an exhibition of Daria’s photos in their shop and have invited us all to attend the opening drinks, and give a discount to all masterclass dancers for the next two weeks. That is at 18.30 so I will head to the airport after that. Rodolfo lives in Barcelona now and was a huge star of Cuban ballet being a partner of the dancers known as the five  Jewels of Cuban ballet. Wonderful laid back man and gives a fantastic class.