Hi everyone. Myself and my friend Roger are about to embark on our yearly drive to Prague. It is about 800 miles or 1300km and takes us normally about 13-14 hours from door to door. The only reason we drive over is to take the cat.
I have only one or two dancers left who are still to give me their travel details. I am always amazed as to how little information dancers feel is adequate to arrange to meet them. First request for details gets a Sunday 29th response, 2nd email gets a time and third email if I am lucky gets a country and hopefully city from where they are leaving from to get to us.
This uses up a lot of energy. I like the ones who just send me their ticket.
Another thing is of course phone numbers. I of course need a mobile number of the dancer so that I can get hold of them, and they can get hold of me, should there be any problems at all, such as missed flight connections, lost luggage etc etc, so I can help them. Why they think their parents home number in Devon/ Edinburgh/LA/Tokyo is going to help I just don’t know.
They mainly arrive on Sunday 29th but some start to arrive from Friday and one has already been there since yesterday the 22nd.
I have a lot of work to do once we get to Prague. Preparing the studios etc etc. We also have a party for the first night and then on the Wednesday the dance wear firm Grishko, are having an event at their shop for all the dancers with an exhibition of Daria Klimentov√°’s photographs of dancers.
Also this year there will be some major work going on at the number 2 studio at the studio complex so for one general class each day a third of the dancers will be taken by Daria to the Nova Scena theatre, with it’s entrance under the National Theatre, to use their large studio. They will then have to hightail it back to the normal studios to get on with their solo work. It will only be for two classes a week for each of them so not bad and actually quite fun to see backstage at the Nova Scena theatre (the giant ice cube building next door to the National Theatre). I’ll post pictures for you next week.