Last night the first night party went very well, everyone starting to mingle and relax in the great atmosphere here with us. The three dancers from the cancelled flight on Sunday finally got here and straight into the party, just missing two now but they were planned late arrivals due to work commitments, one an Italian boy from Vienna Staatsballet who has been coming for four years now. The catering compamy we use for the parties always give Daria a hand made dessert as a thank you and this year the cake was enormous and fresh cream. We had to put it in the only fridge big enough to take it which is the ice fridge in studio 1. I hope we don’t forget it. It had a sugar ballerina on top and some beautiful sugar flowers. The dancers will tell you that their desserts are very good. Had one fully credit carded wallet left in the office as well as a shoe bag and two telephones, a shirt and about 6 bottles of water. A normal day.

I was very tired afterwards and we had to go to the National Theatre to retrieve the car and then when we got home Daria and Sabina headed off up the road to an abandoned house, where about 15 cats live, to feed and water them as the owner has disappeared. I hasten to add I was asleep very quickly before they returned.

Arrived this morning to find the roadworks outside the studios in full swing with cranes and diggers moving the site around to get to the next bit. They are doing a great job, just wish it was not while we were here.