Last night was very tedious. I met one dancer at 07.00 and another at 18.00 and then I went home to pick up my friend who drove over with me to collect him and take him to the airport for his 21.55 flight to Gatwick. He is going onto Ithica where his sister lives.
At 11pm I get a call saying the flight is cancelled due to storms across Europe. No one from Easy Jet around to ask for any more information. So I picked him up again (one and a half hour round trip) get him back home and then search the internet to buy another flight for tomorrow for the UK. BA only one to Heathrow late tonight. Fingers crossed.
Today I went into the office to sort out all the security chips for the changing rooms and then off to the airport to meet our Music Director, Jonathan Still. Followed by a couple of dancers from Italy who have got themselves an apartment for the two weeks. The third one arriviving today has storms delaying his departure from Naples. But at least an easier day for me so I can be ready for the 5am start tomorrow at the airport for the early arrivals.