My goodness what a long day yesterday turned out to be. It was going so well up to about 7pm, then the delays started, finishing up with Gatwick cancelling its last flight out. So I have three dancers dashing over to Southend today to try to get here sometime this afternoon. I feel very sorry for them. No help from EasyJet of course. And one Canadian boy had his connection in Lisbon cancelled but got on the next one that arrived at 1.45am. He will be happy that he has to meet me at 8am won’t he!!!
Only two bags lost as well, so apart from the cancellations it went well really. One or two dancers had of course given me the wrong time of their flights but they get there eventually and come up to me as if I was expecting them at that time. The earlier the flights for everyone the better because if there are delays and cancellations you have a good chance of still getting to your destination in the same day via other means. It saves a lot of inconvenience and stress.
Going top collect them all now so I will log in later to update you.