This morning class for group Y will be with Tamas Solymosi in studio 1 with Sergei Polouktov on piano (Sergei was a conductor for the Bolshoi and is now the Music Director of the Czech National Ballet and has been with us for the last 16 years, such a nice man). In studio 3 group Z will be with Jason Reilly and Jonathan Still on piano (Jonathan has been a company pianist since the 1980’s and was the Director of music at the Royal Academy of Dance for many years, along with myself, Daria and Christopher Hampson he is a founding member of the team here, his musical knowledge is second to none and his website is the source of musical academia for many people ), and finally group X will have to meet Daria in the entrance corridor at 09.30 to be walked by her to the Nova Scena theatre for her class with Dagmar Huffova on piano (Dagmar has been with us for over ten years now and is a company pianist here in Prague).

After class today Boys solo will be in Studio 3 with Jason Reilly with Jonathan on piano, Girls solo is with Anna Osadcenko in Studio 1 with Sergei on piano (luckily Jason and Anna have brought a babysitter to look after their 15 month old daughter. Jason and Anna popped into the party last night after a long walk with the pram up to the castle and back, it’s great to have them back here with us again, they are a lovely couple and great coaches. Jason was just the accompanying partner last time they were here but we have managed to get him to coach this time, he was nervous yesterday but the boys loved him.