Sorry but I missed solo with Vadim and Liudmila today as I was held up at the airport. The workmen here are putting down a Harlequin wooden floor in Studio 2 and it was delivered en masse today, blocking my car in until tonight. So I had to get the bus quickly to the airport and then a taxi back with Glenn Graham and Amanda (Matz’s wife who is now the producer at the Royal Opera House).

Caught Liudmila at end of her solo, she is hard to drag away from the girls even 10 mins after her time is over, and got her to come to the office to choose some film to show the dancers in her talk tonight. Dancers are always so critical of their own work, always hard to make them choose. But fun.

This afternoon of course we have Christopher Bruce with Steven Brett in Studio 3 and Daria with Julio Bocca in Studio 1 for PDD with Sergei on piano. I write it very casually but thinking about that it is an amazing line up of teachers.