One girl has a bad big toe. She was very worried about it and thought it might be infected so Dr Jiri drove her and her friend to the hospital to have it looked at.
There is a pocket of blood under the nail and the Dr there was going to drill through it and release the pressure but she has false nails on her toes and it of course makes that impractical, so she must just wait for the it to be absorbed back into the body with rest and no pointe work. But she can still do flat work etc. There is no infection though. She thought she would need anti-biotics but it is not necessary. It is always good not to take anti-biotics and only take them if really necessary. It was very kind of Jiri to take her to the hospital and back and I hope her mind is at ease. She can work but lightly and not on pointe until is settles down.
Just seen her and she is much happier now and has it bandaged up a bit.