Ten past nine now and the dancers are appearing to warm up. ASH has sneaked in another girl for a photo shoot as all the slots were taken at the normal times. The photo sessions are nothing to do with me and they are not part of the course. However whenever Cookie and Amber are free to come over to Prague during the course they love to, and the dancers love the opportunity to try out a professional photoshoot for free. They cannot be with us next week as English National Ballet start back at work and Amber has to get ready for dancing again.

Class today is with Mario Radacovsky in the Nova Scena studio with Dagmar Huffova on piano for group X. Group Y are with Anna Osadcenko and Sergei Poluektov on piano in studio 1 and finally group Z are in the Kylian studio with Rodolfo Castellanos and Jonathan Still on piano. I hope Rodolfo remembers to bring down the fan from his apartment for the piano.