Christopher Bruce was woken at 6am by the men repairing the square outside the studios (his window opens onto it) so I am trying to move him to another apartment today. I introduced Jiri Horak to the dancers in group Z at the Nova Scena studio, Daria introduced Matz Skoog in studio 3 to group Y and then her and Julio and Vadim all took Mario Radacovsky’s class in studio 1. That must have been quite a shock for the dancers seeing such stars in class with them. Now Julio and Daria are in studio 4 dancing Tchai pas to learn it as they will be teaching it in PDD, whilst Liudmila Konovalova warms up next to them.

 Christopher Bruce was asking me who is lighting the Carlos Acosta gala at the Royal Albert Hall coming up as they want to perform his “Rooster”. So I have put all the relevant parties in touch with each other so it can all look fabulous on the night.

Two Canadian dancers, who applied too late to attend this year as we were sold out in March, arrived at the security entrance so that I could show them around the studios, they will no doubt be the first to apply for next summer especially having seen what is going on. I attach some video of the class groups this morning for you.