Thank goodness for that, the sick girl has texted to say she is feeling weak but much better today and she will come in later to watch PDD.
Maria Radacovsky (Director of Brno National Ballet company) popped in to the office to choose some of Daria’s mother’s leg warmers for his wife (she had chosen them by pics on whatsapp) and to give me a 5 litre barrel of beer as a thank you for inviting him. Very sweet of him and I don’t know why he thanked us, he got us out of trouble by covering for Christopher Hampson at the last minute. Lovely man. He is giving his last general class today in studio 1 with Sergei on piano. Matz Skoog is giving his last class this morning in studio 3 with Jonathan on piano (Matz’s wife is joining him today and they are staying on for the week to sight see, Amanda used to be the Chief Executive of Royal New Zealand Ballet but not when Matz was Artistic Director). Finally in the Nova Scena studio Vaclav Janecek is with Dagmar Huffova on piano for Class.
I shall shoot off up to the airport to collect Glenn Graham (senior principal from Matthew Bourne’s company) who is going to put the dancers through his own thing on Friday and Saturday, another super chap who loves to give.
Sabina has been sending us some great pictures from Cambridge University, of the campus and the laboratories and departmental displays. Wonderful stuff.
Another eventful 20 minutes, Daria on her way to TV studios for filming left her phone somewhere!!!!! Luckily she left it in her camera bag which Vadim has on the metro with him as he is carrying it in for her from home today. Got back from walking new ones to Nova Scena theatre to find one girl asking where Nova Scena theatre was. Put her in different class for today. One boy asking to see Physio as soon as possible is in with Dr Jiri now.