Good morning everyone. 24c right now but expected highs of 33c.

I like to arrive about 6am, it is cool and quiet and I can get myself organised without distractions. (apart from Jason and Anna’s little girl giggling or crying on the other side of the courtyard).

Sabina has been trying to get hold of Prof Jim Kaufman (head of Pathology at Cambridge University) as she is supposed to start work experience in his labs on Monday, but he is the epitome of the mad professor and has been hard to get hold of. Finally last night he emailed and apologised for getting back so late but he has been travelling around California with his family visiting relatives and giving lectures at seminars, and attached some light reading for Sabina to brush up on (about the immunology of chickens and molecules that fight infectious Pathogens) which I didn’t understand a word of. Luckily Sabina does.

The neighbour at home pointed out to us last night that there was a large roof tile wedged in the middle of one of the roof light windows which I had never noticed (could have been there for years as far as I would know. So I got the ladder out and climbed into the roof from a hatch half way up the roof (it’s huge inside the roof) and then tried to climb up the rafters to get to the tile. Daria was telling me not to do this as she couldn’t remember the number for the ambulance, but Sabina told her what it was, I love the confidence they have in me. Anyway I got the tile down and could not for the life of me see where it had come from, it was as if someone had put it there to hold the window open.

Last nights interview was with Anna Osadcenko. She was born in Kazakstan and the family moved to Germany to join other relatives just to give her the opportunity to go to ballet school in Europe. It paid off obviously. She is lovely and shockingly honest which is very refreshing. We showed some private film of her dancing including a comedy Grand Pas piece and some from Onegin and her dancing the piece she is teaching the girls. She talked about what it was like to dance with her husband, babies, rivalry among principals  etc etc. There were a lot of questions from the dancers as well, so many that we had to stop it in the end as we were all dripping with sweat and hungry. It seems to get hotter towards the evenings. We were expecting a storm that didn’t happen.