Good Morning all. 21c today with expected highs of 22c. Woohooo. Still feels about 30c in the office though.

You never know what problems are going to come and find you each day, yesterday it was a hospital run for a toe, trying to get Julio together with the other teachers for a tour of the National Theatre (it’s closed but Martin Rypan, Czech National Ballet Administrator had arranged to show them around), he was waiting in the wrong place but got there eventually. That was going on while I was trying to interview Vadim, luckily Vadim can talk very well nowadays about himself with big confidence unlike when I first interviewed him 5 years ago. Then Glenn Graham asked for a fan for his room, which I managed to find, and a run to the airport to take Chris Bruce back. Having arranged all the returns back to the airport on Sunday some dancers come up and say “Oh, didn’t I tell you my flight time was changed”, only 5 of your little darlings have done that so far. They better get used to reading notice boards if they want to be in companies.

Today I am hoping it will be a little calmer. Steven Brett and his children will leave at 10am, I have arranged the taxi, and I interview Julio tonight whilst Matz and Amanda head off to Don Giovanni. John Mucha arrives late tonight (the grandson of Alphonse Mucha) to prepare for a big exhibition of Alphonse’s work in Paris in September and has said he will pop in either tonight or come to the party tomorrow to say hello. He has offered to show the teachers around his house in the castle where you sit having tea surrounded by Rodins and Gauguins and other priceless artifacts like Mozarts dressing room touring piano etc etc. John and Sarah Mucha are lovely open normal people and have been friends of ours since we met at a Czech Ambassadors party in London over 20 years ago.