A parcel of pointe shoes for one girl has arrived. It was surprisingly easy getting out of the National Theatre car park for free. The email print out worked.
Have prepared all the studios and written this blog, so time for a cup of tea.
Quite a few dancers have not paid Dr Jiri Cumperlik, our on call Physio, they say they have not got the money on them and then never go back. I will have to remind them all before class later. Jiri is here as a favor to us each summer and fits us in in between hospital runs etc. He is a lovely man and extremely good. Some dancers do not like his advice as it means having to work hard and sometimes in a different way to get better, but the ones who listen and understand the logic think he is the best physio ever. He lectures in USA and Japan and Sweden regularily and dancers travel a long way to work under him. At 500Kc a session he is crazy cheap, but as I said he does this as favor to Daria and myself and he likes helping the young dancers get stronger. He and his wife are lovely people, very centered. He never pushes them for the money and always lets them not pay him at the time and then casually mentions to me, when I see him and directly ask him, that 6 dancers didn’t pay him yet. Of course if there is an accident and someone needs his attention he never charges anyway.
I will take Sabina to the airport at 11 today. She is going to stay at home in London tonight and then go by train tomorrow to Cambridge ready for her two week work experience with PhDr Jim Kaufman, Head of Pathology at Cambridge University, how exciting is that!
At the same time Julio Bocca arrives via Madrid so I will pick him up and bring him into the studios.