Very busy day today. No cleaners so I have to go around collecting all the rubbish from the toilets and studios and changing rooms. You would be amazed at where your precious little things manage to secrete rubbish. Pot plants, Vases, under sofas, studio floors, down the side of sofas between the cushions etc etc. I look upon it as a challenge to find the most obscure place they manage to put half eaten sandwiches. This year it was in a giant National Theatre ornament in one of the corridors. Obviously they concentrate more on dance at their ballet schools.
Highs of 33 today, but feels hotter as there is no breeze. I will take Jason and Tamas to the National Theatre car park this morning at 8 and we will move their cars here ready for their departures over the weekend. It will be interesting trying to persuade the man at the gate to let us out without paying as we have permission and an email to proove it, but it did not stop him being very difficult when I moved my car out last week.
The teacher dinner last night was great fun and I hope the loud laughter didn’t annoy the other diners too much. Swapping stories of working with Makarova and Nureyev etc, very funny.