Returning to the airport day.

I got a call at 04.10 from the minibus driver saying one girl had lost her phone with the boarding pass on it  so she was going to stay behind to try to find it, and one girl had not woken up so someone was going to get her. They eventually left at 04.30 except the girl with missing phone. She got her own taxi at 05.00, her flight had been delayed anyway and her connection to Japan was not going to happen so she wanted to get there early to sort out what she was going to do. I arrived at 05.30 at the hotel to be told by the staff there that one room had broken a chair and there was a fine of 1400Kc to pay and another room had lost the key so another 5ooKc fine for that. They like fines here, I hope the car will be ok outside the hotel all day in the Blue Zone. I’ll probably get a fine too.