I have been trying to organise the Sunday airport runs, arriving and leaving, so my posts will be a little intermittent today. First one at 05.00 to leave hotel on Sunday and the last one to arrive is Christopher Bruce at 21,20 so far. Of course this will all change throughout the day depending upon delays/cancellations etc etc. I have to make sure all the dancers taking a taxi have it arranged for them and also give them the money for it. It costs about 600Kc to the airport from the hotel (¬£21) but if you don’t arrange it in advance it can cost anything up to 1000Kc (¬£35).

An ex dancer from Italy who has his own company called “Leotards” is here for the next two days. He has set up in the Green Room downstairs and will let everyone try his stuff, and will give 10% discount for Masterclass dancers. We like to try to help ex-dancers in business ventures, we have supported Wear Moi, Best4Dance, and several local makers as well, at the beginning of their enterprises.