Good morning all, cooler today, 18c now with highs expected of 29c. I hope so, it’s been too hot really.

Saturday night Daria and I did the prize giving during her talk, always just a bit of fun to encourage the dancers, showed some film of her and Tamas and her and Vadim dancing and Anna and Jason joined us as well. We are always sad to say goodbye to our teacher friends but we know they will be back. The photoshoot Cookie and Amber arranged with two dancers out on the island was a complete washout with the thunder and lightning storm that descended on the city centre, out where we live it rained a little bit but in the centre all got soaked through.


All new arrivals turned up and all leavers got away. Liudmila Konavalova, senior principal Vienna, arrived and waited with me for Vadim to land, unfortunately he landed just as 400 Chinese tourists did so it took him an hour to get through to the front of the Q in immigration. At least Liudmila had time to go shopping in the airport supermarket. Matz Skoog, Steven Brett, Christopher Bruce all got here in good time. Christopher was the last to arrive so I drove him in and saw him into the apartment at the studios. They were silly hot, so we threw open all the windows and I left him having a beer with Steven.

This morning I have changed the water, put out the barres, assembled the fans, arranged the board and am about to walk to the hotel to meet all the new arrivals and walk them to the studios.