Good morning. Going to be a bit cloudier today but highs of 33c. 24c  right now.

The photographic exhibition at Grishko shop last night went well I think. Hard to tell as all the speeches were in Czech and Sabina wasn’t listening to translate for us. The shop owner lady is married to a very famous Czech actor who was there as well but of course it meant nothing to our crowd, but it was very pleasant and the girls get discount there if they are from the Masterclasses. Daria myself and Sabina went for dinner afterwards at the Cafe Louvre. This and Cafe Slavia and the two cafes stuck in a timewarp, they were founded in 1902 and have not changed at all since. They were my mothers favorite places when she used to come over as they reminded her of Lyons Corner house in the 40’s and 50’s. They have billiard tables and board games you can borrow and are open for breakfast through to late dinner at very reasonable prices, and the food is very good. Famous past patrons are Einstein and Kafka. Try it. Afterwards had to dash to airport to collect Rodolfo Castellanos, one of our general class teachers for the next three days.


The last picture is of a display on the wall of bow ties from famous Czech drunks