Good morning everyone. 19c today with highs of 34c expected.
Eventful night last night. A dancer was very unhappy as she felt very alone and had no one to go to dinner with (even with her parents here for a couple of days, she only arrived Sunday evening) and she had no friends on the Masterclasses. We are a very busy and popular course and if you are not in any way outgoing then I can understand it could be a bit overwhelming and daunting. I think maybe she has joined us a year too early for her level of maturity. The adult dance world is a wonderful but very exuberant environment, lots of dancers at all auditions, always meeting and having to get on with strangers (albeit other dancers), so you have to get on with it or try to realise if it is not for you. There is a huge difference between school in a padded environment and the reality of the dance world. 99% throw themselves into it and love it but some struggle with it. We fully understand. The course if very advanced and I know she would have loved the teachers (how could you not) but the social side has been a struggle for her. Her parents have taken her back home now and a young Canadian girl, who did not get in because we were full, is now a very happy dancer who will take her place from Wednesday. I hope the girl who left will grow through this and one day return to enjoy the course as it should be. We wish her well and good luck with her dancing.
Then at 10.30pm I get a call from Liudmila Konovalova to say she has been trying to get into the studio complex for the last 20 minutes but the gate is locked and she cannot raise the security man. So I try to get hold of Jonathan who is in his apartment but his phone was on silent, and then I tried Matz Skoog who was in bed, but always the perfect gentleman, got up and went down to see what he could do to help. He found the man who said that no one was out because he had no keys on the rack (she had not left her key at the entrance when she went out as you are supposed to do). So we had to get his boss and Daria to phone him to get him to open the gate.
She got in and did find it very funny fortunately. Matz was a star as well. After it was all over Jonathan called me saying he had a missed call from me and what was up. He says I am now on his priority call people so it should ring even when silent apparently. Another star.
So now I am in the office trying to sort out the new girl arriving for tomorrow and all the pics from Milan Fara from yesterday.
Just had an email from a mother saying her daughter has a high temperature so will not make it in today (she is staying with her parents this week). I thought she looked a little out of sorts yesterday (I recognise her because she was with us last year as well) when she arrived.