Another very hot day ahead I’m afraid. Forecast of 34c. Drink plenty of water.

Last night we interviewed Jason Reilly for the dancers in studio 3. He told us about his Canadian ballet schooling and then Reid Anderson inviting him to join Stuttgart ballet at the age of 17. He also told us of how he had ripped all his shoulder muscles out at the age of 22 when a ballerina he had above his head started to wriggle too much and went over the back of him while he was desperately trying to stop her falling, he now has wires and pins holding it all together. Unbelievabe that he went on to become one of the most sought after and respected partners in the world (he joked that he has done more retirement shows for ballerinas than anyone else) with a reconstructed upper left arm. We showed some video that he brought of Onegin, Romeo and Rite of Spring and then they asked quite a lot of questions. After the interview I went onto clear up the office and studios and when I came back 20 minutes later he was still in the studio with the dancers, chatting and advising and taking photos with them. He is such a lovely guy. The only problem is that all the videos were of him and his wife Anna Osadcenko so I think she might be a little miffed now she has to think what clips to show them when we interview her on Thursday, but at least as I told the dancers they got two of their coaches on film for the price of one. Anna and Jason’s daughter is very cute as well. 

Got home last night and went straight to Lida’s (Daria’s mother) where she had made us a dinner of fruit dumplings and fresh juice. Got home and Daria went straight out to water the garden.

Some parents are worried about their children not getting enough sleep due to the heat, and that is probably true (at least it’s not due to partying, they work too hard all day and then just want to collapse asleep before the next days onslaught). The hotel we use is not the Ritz (no air conditioning) and is old fashioned, the staff are very kind and helpful and always do what they can to help, but they can’t control the exceptional weather. It is in a wonderful location and is one of the only places available that can accommodate 94 dancers all together. So we put up with the shortcomings so that all the dancers can be together and make new friends in a friendly and safe place that also keeps the price of the course down. The price of the course without accommodation has not risen for three years, but the price with has of course. We do all we can to make our course affordable so that as many dancers as possible can come to us and rediscover their love of the art with the most amazing faculty, in the most amazing city. We are not money orientated at all, with 60% of the dancers subsidised, we just have a bunch of friends come over from around the world to try to pass on to the next generation the secrets of the art (Julio Bocca for instance pays more for his upgrade on the flight from Argentina than I pay him to be here, he just loves coming over to us, Christopher Bruce never gives workshops but is an old friend of mine (we were once in a cricket team together) and I managed to persuade him to come over because he understands what our course is about). I know the dancers understand this and appreciate it which is why are are full nowadays by March and all the major dance schools recommend us, we are proud of this but not complacent. So I apologise for our non dance shortcomings and hope you all understand that we always try to do the best we can for the dancers all the time they are with us. Young dancers are a lot tougher than you think and incredibly dedicated.