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Last night we intereviewed Christopher Bruce for the dancers in studio 3. We showed a section of Ghost Dances on film and also some of Swansong original cast, and Chris pointed out that the man sat in the corner of the studio with us was the man they were watching on film. Matz Skoog had decided to sit in with us for the talk. after the film they asked questions and he told us of his time spent studying under Marie Rambert at the school and in the company, how he met his future wife at the school and they are still married with 6 grandchildren now , one of which is about to enter the Royal ballet upper school. He told us of his creative process and his influences. He is a lovely, creative, funny, passionate and compassionate artiste who has made some of the strongest political dance statements from the last 50 years, we are very privileged to have him with us in my opinion, especially as he does not give workshops. Thank goodness for friendship.
After the talk he and I went for a drink at Cafe Slavia by the National Theatre and caught up a bit. During the drink I get a call from the sick girl to ask about the re-hydration powders I had given to another dancer to give to her. She was feeling not good and it looked like the other dancer had gone out and not dropped the powders off. So I went to the hotel to see her and took some chicken soup and bread for her, then nipped out to get some more powders around the corner and watched her drink it before I left, asking her to contact me (or her roomate to) if she felt any worse. I went down to the reception and gave them my Czech mobile number and to contact me if anything happens. I think she will be fine but she told me she was in a bad car accident in Toronto two weeks before, so we have to keep an eye on her. Just a dodgy burger I think.