Have got a girl who arrived with an injury and has been watching more than doing the classes (so frustrating for her) who has been advised that she should get a new MRI scan as soon as she can to see how bad it really is. She was only here for this week anyway and her mother is trying to arrange a flight change for her (BA charge about £65 for any changes but at least they let you). I will put her in a taxi once we know which flight she can take.

A Getty Image photographer friend of Cookie and Ambers has been around all day taking snaps with his creative eye, very interesting stuff, unusual. I’ll post them up when he gives me some.

Tonight we have an exhibition of Daria’s photographs at the Grishko shop around the corner and all the dancers are invited along with all the local dignitaries. I think we will take up most of the road outside the shop. They have also given all the Masterclass dancers 10% discount if they use the password “Daria” at the check out till. They do make high quality stuff , we sell some of their tops and trousers that they have printed with our logo (created by the Czech Artist Honza Kunovsky) and they are very nice, but expensive. We of course also sell all Daria’s mothers leg warmers which are incredibly popular (she is 74 now) which helps her pension greatly.