This afternoon there will be pas de deux in studio 1 with Daria Klimentova and Tamas Solymosi with Sergei Poluetkov playing the piano.

And in studio 2 there will be contemporary with Jan Kodet.

It is very muggy today.

It’s 17.00 and 31c, stormy feel to it. The catering for tonight’s party has arrived and been put in an office near Studio 4 where the party will take place. The usual girlfriends of Daria’s, from her school days, have arrived to act as waiting staff for the party and are busy setting up the room with glasses and ice etc etc. Tomorrow I will start the Blog in earnest and send you videos of the studios etc, I hope it will be less hectic from tomorrow. Two girls went back to their accommodation this morning, the heat combined with not feeling too well meant it was best to spend the day resting in bed. I gave them some hydration powders in case they were sick, but I think it is just a combination of being here and heat and tiredness.

watching the rain