Only a few hours to go now before we head off to Prague by car. My friend Roger comes up from Brighton and we take it in turns to drive. Sabina passed her driving test this year but to drive my Jeep she will need to wait a few more years before the insurance is vaguely affordable. She was going to come with us in the car but we have run out of space with all Cookies photoshoot equipment he wants over there for the free photo sessions he and Amber do with the dancers in Studio 4. Plus all our bags and the office paraphernalia and of course the cat. She ran away two days ago and only turned up last night in a neighbours garden. She knows you know!

We also had the house in Prague burgaled and are having to deal with that, and finally my trusty Sony Vaio computer developed a mother board problem which saw me lose all my recent emails and Masterclass files whilst I was on tour with English National Ballet at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow. Just wasn’t my week.

So now all that is out of the way we are very much looking forward to the Masterlcasses. It will be another very hot one apparently, Sunday and Monday at 31C. So I will put the swimming pool up at home again this year much to Daria and Sabina’s relief